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Many business owners do not realise the impact that a break-in or fire can have on a business until it is too late. Your business is more than just the building and its contents – it is the livelihood that you and your employees have poured your hearts and souls into. You and your employees all rely on your business every day, and a security incident can shatter it in a moment.

50% of businesses never recover from a fire

Not all risks to businesses come from external forces. The integrity of your staff can be as big a threat to your business as an intruder. Deploying the right systems can help you manage your business and reduce the risks of spurious accidents, deliberate damage or internal theft.

The implications of a fire or break-in can often include:

  • The cost of replacing stolen or damaged property
  • The time spent managing police reports and insurance claims
  • The cost and time taken to organise contractors to repair damaged property
  • The time spent ordering, installing and setting up new computer hardware
  • The threat to your business of losing proprietary information, intellectual property and important company documentation
  • The disruption and loss of earnings due to your staff being unable to do their jobs properly while all this is resolved
  • Loss of credibility/reputation and customers if you cannot function properly.
  • The emotional stress on the business owner, management team and staff.

51% of small and medium sized businesses in the UK have been targeted by crime, costing owners an average of £2,625 for every crime not including lost earnings. Shockingly, according to Populous one in five business owners had been targeted by theft more than 20 times over the lifespan of their business. Almost 7 in 10 business owners reported suffering emotional distress and 42% experienced lost income.

A quality fire or security system can bring you peace of mind, deterring intruders, preventing catastrophic fires and ensuring that you comply with your business insurance policies. Your business security system will also reassure your staff that you are protecting them and prioritising their welfare while they are working hard for you.

How we work

If you already have a security system installed, we can help you ensure that it offers appropriate protection for your specific operations through one of our service and maintenance packages. If you are looking for a new system, we will assess all your business needs, including the impact on your business operations if you suffered a major break-in or fire.

The more we consider and discuss your worst-case scenarios, the greater your chances of preventing them by putting the right systems and procedures in place.

Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, we have a long track record of providing quality safety and security systems for UK and overseas businesses. We know that by spending more time understanding your priorities and aims from the outset, the less time we both waste in the long-run setting up a less-effective system. Leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

With you, we will create a purpose-built system that fits the needs of your business, your people, and your budget. We are used to working with challenging requirements, and can get an effective system up and running with minimal disruption to your staff and customers.

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