Fire Prevention

Commercial Fire Prevention.

Essential fire protection for total business compliance.

At Sovereign, protecting your business from fire is our priority. We provide comprehensive fire prevention and detection measures that make a crucial difference when it comes to emergency situations, alongside a regular routine of maintenance.

In order to guarantee your business is fully protected against fire, we’ll conduct a full audit ensuring you have all the necessary equipment required by British Standards onsite, and that it is regularly tested and serviced. Keeping up to date with maintenance ensures continued compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, and is central to any commercial fire prevention strategy.

Business Fire Safety Checklist.

Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order recommends that buildings that contain more than 5 people undertake a fire risk assessment every 12 months. This review assesses a buildings fire risk and provides recommendations to make it safer if necessary.

New risk assessments must be undertaken every 5 years or if the purpose, structure, or layout of the building has changed. A new risk assessment is also required if the number of occupants has significantly changed or if there is a change of use.

Fire Doors

Commercial premises, public buildings, offices and factories must implement fire doors throughout the building. This crucial mode of passive fire protection can dramatically slow the spread of fire. Fire doors are fitted with intumescent strips which expand when exposed to heat and fill the gap between the door and the frame, sealing the room and limiting the amount of oxygen available.

Fire Extinguishers

UK standards recommend that businesses should have at least 2 Class A fire extinguishers on every storey of the building. That’s because fire extinguishers have an important role to play when it comes to putting out small fires before they grow uncontrollable, and slowing the spread until emergency services are on the scene.

Firexo Extinguishers

Firexo is the first and only fire extinguisher that is capable of suppressing fires of all classes, which is why it is Sovereign Fire & Security’s partner brand of choice. Our fire suppression systems are stronger and safer for the inclusion of Firexo, delivering enhanced protection and performance. Firexo’s innovative liquid formulation limits the confusion and panic caused by fire through providing one solution to combat all blazes at fraction of the time of traditional methods. Fast-acting and with no chance of reignition, the presence of Firexo extinguishers empowers building occupants to act, and ultimately saves lives.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

A high performing, reliable fire detection and alarm system is central to any business’ fire prevention measures. Early detection can minimise damage to property by enabling the fire to be controlled in its incipient stages. Professional installation, timely maintenance, and regular monitoring can mean the difference between a prevented fire and a risk to life.

Emergency Lighting

In the event of an emergency, providing adequate emergency lighting helps people find their way and evacuate safely even if power fails. An essential part of a commercial fire prevention strategy should therefore involve regular testing of all bulk head lights, exit route lighting, and individual emergency lights.

Fire Escape & Evacuation

Wayfinding and guiding systems facilitate safe evacuation. In the event of a fire, emergency exit signs allow staff and members of the public to exit your building promptly, minimising the risk to life. It’s therefore vital to ensure routes and signage are fit for purpose and easy to follow.

Commercial Fire Prevention Maintenance & Compliance

Sovereign provide a comprehensive maintenance service for businesses of our own and pre-existing fire detection and alarm systems. We’re third party accredited and provide fully compliant installation that guarantees your system performs when it matters. Our highly qualified technicians will carry out a regular programme of checks and servicing going forward, issuing detailed reports and keeping up-to-date records in your fire log book. With our team on your side, you can guarantee your business is taking the appropriate steps to minimise the risk of fire, and maintaining total compliance with regulations.


Office buildings, warehousing and industrial units, retail environments, food manufacturing & processing.


Education & healthcare, government & local authority, home office sites, general construction.

Home and Family

Urban dwellings, country/rural residences, private care homes/communal living.

Private Clients

Jewellers, bonded warehousing, high-profile individuals, private consultation service.