Connected Life Safety Services

Connected Life Safety Services

Efficiency at Every Stage.

Combine the power of hardware and software to transform your fire and life safety systems. Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services from Sovereign Fire & Security is the first end-to-end system solution streamlining the way your facility is installed, tested, and serviced.

Remote, Safer, Smarter.

  • Connection and efficiency anywhere, anytime from your mobile device or laptop.
  • Putting facility management in the palm of your hand with the CLSS Mobile App.
  • CLSS fills the technology gap in the fire industry, enabling system integrators to know what they need to do before entering your site.

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Minimise Disruption and Cut Downtime.

Testing and maintenance of your fire system can cause disruption of business operations and impede productivity.

CLSS provides a suite of tools to allow your systems to be tested and serviced more efficiently than ever before, meaning less disruption and more information needed to mitigate life safety events.

Prove Compliance.

With Honeywell CLSS from Sovereign Fire & Security, compliance reports are available to you anytime, anywhere at the click of a button.

Thoroughly completed reports are available within seconds, whether you’re using the CLSS Mobile App or need a report from your service provider. CLSS provides compliance at your fingertips.

Real Time Visibility.

With remote system visibility CLSS provides you and your technicians with the ability to diagnose problems before arriving on site, and provides peace of mind that your system is being monitored around the clock with your CLSS Mobile App.

System Compliance.

With Honeywell CLSS from Sovereign Fire & Security, templated or customised reports are available anytime, anywhere with the click of a button. Device testing is elevated beyond only testing barcodes to truly verify every device is thoroughly tested.

End-To-End Cybersecurity.

Honeywell and Sovereign Fire & Security are committed to proactively monitoring the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring all data is stored safely and securely accessible to permitted system users.

Reduced Downtime and Better Forward Planning.

CLSS enables streamlined maintenance, providing technicians with the information needed to locate and repair issues before they result in unforeseen operational costs. Systems are maintained quicker and more efficiently, with limited impact on your business operations.

Holistic View and Real Time Information.

CLSS provides visibility across all of your facilities to ensure they are operating effectively. Cross-site connectivity enables insights into scheduled system testing, device inventory and inspection reports.

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Who Chooses Sovereign?

Our discerning clients range from successful owner manages businesses to National blue chip clients. Our client base operates in the following sectors: Insurance & Finance; Airports; Government; Utilities; Schools & Education; Hotel & Leisure; Health Care; Law & Order; Social Care; Construction; Engineering; Manufacturing and Retail.

Awards & Certifications

Peace of mind is affordable to our clients in knowing that they are engaging in the professional services of an independently audited company. Sovereign implement and operate an ISO9001 quality management system and has achieved the following British and European standards of Accreditation:

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