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Protect your property with a professional CCTV System

Here at Sovereign Fire & Security, we offer reliable and effective CCTV surveillance systems. With our high-quality CCTV systems, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your property is secure.

Our security camera experts are specialised in installing and maintaining simple to complex CCTV systems. We provide our services for commercial properties of all different sizes and requirements. Our security cameras offer an array of benefits including the integration of the latest technology providing analytics and insights which can help inform major decisions to improve security, risk and protect reputations.

First established in 1996, we are highly experienced in CCTV installation and maintenance with accreditations as certified members of NSI Gold, UKAS, Construction Line and are Safe Contractor approved.

To learn more about our effective CCTV systems, enquire about your free survey or speak with a member of the team to learn how we can secure your property on 0345 189 9808.

CCTV Systems

Reliable and robust security systems that stand the test of time

Our CCTV cameras and systems offer a fully integrated solution that will provide you with a seamless security option.
Learn about some of the different features and services we provide below:

Advanced CCTV Systems

Operating on a 24-hour basis or at scheduled hours depending on your preferences, our CCTV cameras can be used to observe multiple areas of your property and even multiple locations all from one central control centre.

We can design and install a network of CCTV cameras which can be integrated into your property based on your specific requirements.

CCTV Installation

Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, we work closely with our clients to design effective CCTV and video surveillance solutions that exceed expectations. We provide expert CCTV installation for a wide selection of different security systems

From product recommendations to integrating cameras into existing security systems, we handle every part of installing CCTV, so you can sit back and relax. From small business CCTV installation to large-scale commercial premises, and everything in between, our NSI Gold accredited engineers will make the whole experience seamless.

Commercial CCTV Systems

Security and CCTV go hand in hand when it comes to your business. Video surveillance is a necessity in ensuring that your business is safe, secure and protected. Commercial premises contain lots of valuable inventory, stock and equipment making them a vulnerable target for burglary. By installing an efficient and effective security surveillance system into your business you can deter intruders and protect not only your business assets but also your staff and clients safety within your property.

CCTV Maintenance

We also offer ongoing CCTV maintenance and optimisation for CCTV and security systems. We carry out all the necessary tests to ensure your systems are compliant and working efficiently. Our team is on hand day or night, should any issues arise.

Our after-sales care team is dedicated to helping you feel confident in using the CCTV system and understanding how all the features work. We can also discuss topics such as insurance and ensure you have the necessary systems and cover in place.

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Our expert engineers will ensure you get the most from your CCTV by harnessing systems that are intuitive and reliable. To learn more about our CCTV services please get in touch with a member of the team on 0345 189 9808.

Frequently Asked Commercial Fire Prevention Questions

How does a CCTV camera work?

CCTV cameras work by capturing a sequence of images and displaying them as real-time videos. There are two types of CCTV systems which include wireless and wired systems. Wired CCTV systems use cables to send the video signal from the cameras to the recording device, transmitting the signal between DVR or NVR.

On the other hand, wireless systems work on the concept of connecting to a signal hub connection providing you with 24-hour, 7 days a week viewing.

How long is CCTV footage kept?

The number of hours CCTV footage is kept depends on your requirements and the CCTV system that you get installed. Most businesses will keep CCTV footage for up to 31 days whereas a private domestic property may only save footage for up to 14 days.

Why is a CCTV camera important for businesses?

A CCTV camera is important to a business for many reasons. These factors include:

  • Crime prevention
  • Better employee productivity
  • Footage can be used in a court of law
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Deters vandalism and theft to your stock and equipment
  • Reduce security costs
  • Provides safety and security to your staff and clients


Office buildings, warehousing and industrial units, retail environments, food manufacturing & processing.


Education & healthcare, government & local authority, home office sites, general construction.

Home and Family

Urban dwellings, country/rural residences, private care homes/communal living.

Private Clients

Jewellers, bonded warehousing, high-profile individuals, private consultation service.