Servicing, Maintenance & Monitoring

Extending the life cycle of your systems & keeping your business safe

The impact of theft or fire can be devastating for businesses with the risk of damage to your stock, equipment and property; as well as safety risks for your employees and clients within your premises. Not to mention the halt in business and loss of trade as well as the costs associated if the worst ever did occur. Think how detrimental the impact would be if your business were to halt for a fortnight in order to deal with the damages.

For this reason, guaranteeing the continuity and progression of your business is a necessity alongside ensuring that your premises are safe and secure from fire risks and potential security breaches. Our servicing, maintenance and monitoring services, mean that we are always on hand, day or night, to help you manage and maintain your fire and security systems.

First established in 1996 we have years of experience within the fire and security industry, so much so that we are a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold-accredited company, certified members of BAFE Gold SP203, UKAS, Construction Line and are Safe Contractor approved.

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Comprehensive Security Solution For Your Property

Servicing & Maintenance

With our comprehensive fire and security servicing and maintenance services, you can ensure that your business is safe and secure, offering peace of mind. We provide service call-out options for our customers for both their security and fire systems. In addition to this, we can provide annual maintenance for your fire alarm system twice a year and for your security systems twice a year. For more information on our servicing and maintenance, please speak with us on 0345 189 9808.


We provide offsite 24/7 monitoring for both our fire and security systems. Our security off-site monitoring integrates your intruder alarm with a third-party provider meaning that if a break-in occurs your keyholder will automatically be called as well as security who will be notified and the police will be called if required. In addition to this, our fire alarm monitoring will call the site during normal working hours. If fire brigade is needed, they will also be notified.

The Benefits Of Maintenance & Monitoring

Similar to any equipment and tools you use in your business, your security systems rely on regular maintenance and monitoring to keep them functioning at a high standard too. To provide peace of mind and also ensure that your business and staff members are reliably protected, we can provide effective and essential maintenance and servicing for your alarms, cameras and devices.

Ensuring fire safety and working security measures is pivotal for a functioning business and provides you with the knowledge that you are safe if the worst were to occur. Some of the benefits of maintaining and monitoring for your business include:

  • Fast response: Emergency services (fire, police, security company, etc.) will be instantly notified of a potential emergency minimising damage.
  • Reduced insurance premiums: Most insurance companies will look for you to prove that your systems are maintained in full working order when selling claims for theft, fire or personal injury. Our service team will ensure you have the correct maintenance and standards covered.
  • Peace of mind: Monitored alarm systems offer a sense of safety and security for you, your staff, your clients and your business itself.
  • Cost-effective option: Monitored safety systems are a cheaper option than employing a full-time security guard.
  • Guarantee a response: With over 75% of people admitting to ignoring a security alarm if they hear one going off, if you are away on holiday or not present near your business these important signals of distress can go ignored. With a monitored alarm system, the call of distress will never be ignored regardless of whether it is a genuine emergency or false alarm.
  • Provides safety: Monitored alarms offer safety for yourself, staff members and clients who are within or near your premises.
  • Minimises damage: With alarm monitoring, you don’t need to lift a finger as any signals of distress will be sent to the response centre and our security company will call the authorities for you in response to a triggered alarm. This will minimise damage with a swift and reliable response that will mitigate damage to your property.

To learn more about how our maintenance and monitoring services can benefit your business specifically, please speak to an expert on 0345 189 9808 or contact us below.

Our Services

As one of the leading servicing, maintenance and monitoring providers, we offer an array of different services that can be built accustomed to your exact requirements and preferences. Read below about what each of our services includes or speak to a member of the team on 0345 189 9808 to learn how we can help provide efficient security and safety measures for your business.

Fire & Life Safety Systems

Testing systems protecting your property, your staff and keeping your compliant within the law.

  • Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • PAV Voice Systems
  • Aspirating Air Fire Systems
  • Conventional Fire Systems
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Video Smoke Detection
  • Lone Worker Systems

CCTV Systems

Keeping your images as clear and secure as the day your system was installed.

  • CCTV camera systems
  • Fully integrated solutions
  • Mobile apps – watch from anywhere
  • Network Systems
  • Data Storage Monitoring

Commercial Intruder Systems

Intruder security systems from the UK’s leading provider.

  • Monitored Intruder Alarms and Panic Systems
  • External Perimeter Detection Systems
  • Monitored Electric Fencing
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Servicing and Maintenance

Access Control Systems

Maintaining access systems to keep them functional and your people safe & secure.

  • Staff & Access Management Systems
  • Gate Automation & Barriers
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Audio & Visual Entry Systems
  • Servicing & Maintenance

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Office buildings, warehousing and industrial units, retail environments, food manufacturing & processing.


Education & healthcare, government & local authority, home office sites, general construction.

Home and Family

Urban dwellings, country/rural residences, private care homes/communal living.

Private Clients

Jewellers, bonded warehousing, high-profile individuals, private consultation service.