PAVA System

Public Address System For Your Business

A PAVA system is a public address system that is installed in commercial properties to provide clear and concise information during emergencies or required announcements that need to be broadcast across a commercial property. This system is a simple yet effective way to quickly broadcast information during a fire, security threat or other emergency that occurs within your commercial property and can make a difference in fire prevention and mitigating security risks.

Selecting, designing and installing a voice alarm system in your business can be complicated and it can be hard to know where to start. Our fire protection experts can offer professional advice and support, offering an array of options when it comes to PAVA systems so you can choose the right one for your business and its requirements.

Here at Sovereign Fire & Security, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and efficient PAVA systems for your business. All of our range of PAVA systems are certified according to EN 54-16, ensuring a controlled and secure emergency evacuation.

From the initial design of your PAVA system through to the installation and maintenance, we can assure a seamless service that will provide minimal disruption to your business and provide you with a public address system that suits all your business requirements.

First established in 1996 we have years of experience within the fire and security industry, meaning we can provide you with a high-quality PAVA system that is built acustom to your fire protection and operational requirements. With trusted accreditations with the FIA (Fire Industry Association) and certified members of BAFE, UKAS, Construction Line and Safe Contractor approved, you can trust Sovereign Fire and Security to provide your business with all your PAVA system requirements.

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What Is A PAVA System?

A PAVA system also known as Public Address Voice Alarm system is installed in commercial buildings to provide the people inside with clear messages and instructions over a voice sound system. A complete PA system can be used in case of emergency to help allow for a safe and controlled evacuation of commercial premises and can also be used day-to-day to make announcements to people within the building.

If an incident was to occur such as a fire or security risk, it is essential that you can convey a clear and concise message quickly to large groups of people without raising panic. If you own a large venue this risk multiplies and it is essential that people act fast in emergencies.

Alarm systems and bells are practical however it has been proven that people react more efficiently to a voice command that is clear and responsive. Therefore, if you need to raise the attention of lots of people within your commercial buildings a PAVA system is the best choice for your organisation.

Benefits Of Using A PAVA System (FSA)

There are plenty of benefits when choosing to integrate a voice alarm system in your commercial premises. Not only are PAVA systems highly reliable and versatile but they offer essential safety features that can be the difference between life and death during an emergency.

Some of the benefits of using a PA system in your business property includes:

  • Effective emergency communication delivers clear and concise emergency announcements that can safely and calmly guide people to safety.
  • Can choose specific areas of the building you want to convey specific messages towards, allowing for a controlled evacuation in emergency situations.
  • Can rapidly convey important information to a large audience, saving time and facilitating quick responses in critical situations.
  • Prevents people from ignoring the alert in case of an actual emergency as information will be broadcasted.
  • PAVA systems can be integrated with other security and building management systems, enhancing overall safety and security capabilities.

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PAVA System Installation

We specialise in the installation of PAVA systems for your business offering a wide range of different PA systems from simple to complex models. We can help design a complete PA system for your business accommodating all of your specific requirements to help build a secure and efficient system for your needs. With minimal inconvenience to your business, our team can expertly install your new PAVA system into your business premises. Our fully qualified team has experience with a wide variety of systems and rest assured will install your PAVA system to the highest of standards.

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PAVA System Maintenance

PA systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring functionality even in the event of a technical issue such as a power cut. Our team of experienced fire safety specialists offer a PAVA system maintenance service which ensures your PA system is up to date and functioning at all times, meaning that you can use it in your times of need.

Role Of PAVA Systems In Phased Evacuations

A PAVA system plays a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and controlled evacuation of a large commercial building with a systematic approach that can help you safely evacuate your commercial building during an emergency situation. The role of a PAVA system in a phased evacuation includes the following:

Announcement Of An Emergency

A PAVA system allows you to manually or automatically announce an emergency by detecting signals from the fire detection system and initiating pre-recorded voice announcements to notify occupants of the building about the emergency.

Zone-Based Announcements

The PAVA system delivers clear and concise instructions, providing information about the nature of the emergency, the recommended evacuation routes, and assembly points. This information helps occupants make informed decisions during the evacuation.

Clear and Concise Instructions

The PAVA system delivers clear and concise instructions, providing information about the nature of the emergency, the recommended evacuation routes and assembly points. This information helps occupants make informed decisions during the evacuation.


The phased evacuation strategy may involve dividing the building into different phases, with each phase corresponding to a specific time frame. The PAVA system coordinates the evacuation process, ensuring that different sections of the building evacuate in a controlled and organized manner.

Emergency Services Coordination

The PAVA system can integrate with emergency services communication systems, allowing for coordination between on-site security personnel and external emergency responders. This ensures a synchronized response to the emergency.

Complete PAVA Systems By Sovereign

Our expert team offers a complete fire protection service with an effective PAVA system that incorporates an array of daily communication features as well as emergency features that are perfect for your business. Our complete PAVA systems offers a collection of different functionalities and depending on the type of complete PAVA system you choose, you will receive some of the following benefits:

Live Speech Broadcast
Our PAVA systems will allow you to broadcast instant announcements when required across the system to the entire premises.

Zonal Speech Broadcast
You can choose to broadcast your message to selected zones and areas of your commercial property. This can be done automatically or manually and allows you to speak to different zones simultaneously.

Announcement Priorities
With our complete PAVA systems, you can set messages so that they are prioritised above others, meaning they can override less important messages when required.

Pre Recorded Announcements
You can set pre-recorded messages for general announcements and emergencies which can be triggered by an event or set to be sent out at a specific time.

Multi-Language Support
If you require messages to be recorded for multiple languages, our complete PAVA systems can be set to a specific setting for this to occur.

Background Music
One of the benefits of PAVA systems is the inclusion of music storage which can allow the device to broadcast background music to selected areas of your business.

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