During working hours, construction sites are hubs of activity. But what protects them when they are unattended? Construction sites are often home to large amounts of construction equipment and valuable supplies, so keeping them secure is essential. When looking for their next target, sites with easily accessed raw materials can be extremely appealing to thieves, so implementing effective security measures is key to reducing wasted funds and hindered project progress.

In this blog from Sovereign Fire and Security, we outline some tips for construction site security, offering site managers a greater understanding of what it takes to keep a construction site secure.

Secure the Perimeter

Without a secure perimeter, goods are always at risk of theft. For that reason, implementing effective security at the edges of a construction site is essential. Methods as simple as fences can act as an effective deterrent for thieves providing they are sufficiently sturdy. Solutions with greater deterrent value include electric fences. Electric fences with non-lethal shock properties prevent thieves from attempting to scale a fence at all, offering an additional layer of protection for your sites and its contents. For many sites, non-electric fences offer a sufficient security method when combined with other measures such as CCTV or motion sensor activated lighting. By the time a thief fully scales a fence, other alert devices will have already detected them.

Install Motion Activated Lighting

Regardless of the context, effectively lighting of an area is always an effective deterrent for thieves. Whether it’s on a driveway or a building site, lighting up a space provides the illusion of activity, making the prospect of trespassing far less appealing to opportunists. Entering well-lit property increases a trespasser’s chance of getting caught and motion activated lighting will offer a surprise for thieves looking to take advantage of a seemingly unoccupied site.

Hire Security Guards

Another popular method of keeping a building site secure is hiring security guards. Security guards can be employed to man a site overnight or during periods of on-site inactivity. Security guards offer a method of site protection that is faster acting than alternatives such as alarms and CCTV. Security guards can sit in on-site cabins helping survey scenes using other security methods or can physically patrol the site themselves. Seeing on site security offers a direct challenge to those planning to gain unauthorised access to a site.

Install a CCTV System

Installing CCTV systems is an extremely popular security measure. When valuable assets need to be protected, CCTV systems are often the basis of any security systems that follow. CCTV cameras allow around the clock surveillance of an area. Not only are security cameras a deterrent in their own right, they also offer valuable evidence in the event of a successful theft. CCTV cameras can be helpful to security guards manning a large site or can even function as virtual security guards. Monitored CCTV systems can be watched both locally and remotely, allowing emergency respondents to be alerted as quickly as possible

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Store Supplies Effectively

Another important method of reducing the appeal of your construction site to thieves is concealing valuable items. Ensuring that any valuable tools or materials are stored out of sight reduces the likelihood of your site being targeted. If thieves are not 100% sure there are goods to steal, they are far less likely to risk trespassing onto a property. One method of storing supplies out of sight would be to use shipping containers. Such containers can hold large quantities of materials in a compact and secure way.

It’s also a good idea to be mindful of delivery times to limit the amount of materials left around the site. Opting for delivery slots that grant sufficient time for materials to be stored before the end of a day reduces the likelihood that materials will be left out. Opting for delivery slots that coincide with the site being heavily occupied also reduces windows for opportunists.

Protect Your Building Site with Sovereign Fire and Security

At Sovereign Fire and Security, we are dedicated to providing high quality security solutions for a wide variety of premises and industries. Our intruder alert systems include monitored intruder alarms and panic systems, external perimeter detection systems, and monitored electric fencing.

Not only do we supply industry-leading intruder alarm and security systems to properties of all types, we also provide professional and reliable ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain efficient and functional. Our business is NSI Gold accredited, meaning we deliver only the highest standards of customer care. To discuss, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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