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Weston Super Mare Grand Pier

Case Study: Weston Super Mare Grand Pier

Having a fire or security system fully maintained and supported is just as important as having it installed in the first place.

The owners of the Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare discovered this to their cost in 2008 when a fire broke out following an electrical fault. The alarm went off as it should do at 1.35am but the emergency services were not called until 7am, allowing the fire to take hold and eventually burn down the entire structure. When the pier underwent a £51 million rebuild in 2010, Sovereign were selected to install and maintain a new fire system that could protect huge numbers of visitors, the pier’s employees and, ultimately, one of the west country’s landmark buildings.

Project Detail

Project Disciplines: Full Fire Safety Alarm System.
Location: Weston Super Mare
Completed: 2010

Mark Phillips, Weston Super Mare Grand Pier said:

“Following the fire in 2008 we made it a requirement that the security system company was a substantial company equipped to provide a state of the art fire system. While in the past piers had been prone to fire, our new building was built according to modern building regulations. We wanted to ensure that we had the latest and best fire system in place to protect our new building. We also had to protect our visitors and staff in the event of a fire taking place.

The fire system that Sovereign installed is state of the art, for example it has an aqua mist system instead of sprinklers. It is essential that we have a state of the art system that is fully maintained, giving us peace of mind that we have back up when we need it.

Sovereign are an established company who provide a good level of maintenance and support. We are happy with the service they provide, the customer service team are very pleasant to deal with and the engineers are knowledgeable.”

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