The UK Hotel industry is one of the most important sectors of the the British economy. The hotel and hospitality industry generates in the region of £100bn per year in the UK alone.

As a hotel owner or manager, the welfare and safety of those staying in your building should be your number one priority. Hotels are a hotspot for fraud and robberies as without the correct security, there is open access to hundreds of unattended hotel rooms along with bars and restaurants that are located in the hotel.

How Can You Ensure the Safety of Your Hotel Guests with a Hotel Security System?

Intelligent Access Control System

Using intelligent access control to restrict access to areas of your hotel will protect your guests and the hotel’s property. Having areas of your hotel, or the entire hotel limited to guests-only will lower the risk of criminals targeting the hotel or its guests.

Having smart key controls to rooms will add extra safety to the hotel and provide additional security and peace of mind to guests. Not only will guests be reassured that their possessions will be safe when they aren’t in the room, they will feel comfortable within their own private space.

In addition to limiting the general public’s access to the hotel, intelligent access systems can be used to section off areas of the hotel that should not be accessed by the guests either. Areas such as electrical rooms, storage cupboards, staff rooms and offices may hold dangerous equipment or information that needs to be kept away from visitors to the hotel.

Intelligent access systems are the first line of defence for any hotels looking to ensure the safety of their guest and their property.

Invest in IT

Your IT system is the core/brain behind your whole operation. From taking bookings, managing staff shifts and storing data, IT systems are essential. Ensuring that you have safe and reliable systems installed is essential.

In the digital age cybersecurity is as important as physical protection for your guests.  Having safe and secure networks for guests to connect to is essential to protect those that use the hotel facilities. Guests will be pleased with their connection, as well as knowing they are safe to use networks freely with their data protected.

Your IT Communications team should keep track of your system and carry out regular risk assessments for data breaches, backup storage and disaster recovery.

Protect Customer Data

Data protection isn’t optional, it is the law. Ensuring that your guests’ data is protected when visiting your hotel is your legal obligation. On average 56% of consumers believe that their data is vulnerable to a security breach. The results of a data breach taking place can be fatal to a company and seriously damaging to the individual. With the hotel and hospitality industry relying on so many transactions and records of personal data having adequate security in place is essential.

Improve Surveillance Systems

The best deterrent in terms of security is consistently surveillance, and if the worst-case scenario was to occur, then having an effective surveillance system can be invaluable. Surveillance monitoring systems provide your hotel with live views of unmanned areas of the building, hallways and bars. Having access to these areas can improve the safety and security of visitors. It is impossible to monitor every area of the hotel in person so having a live feed of different areas can allow for security to monitor happenings on the premises. Ensuring that your hotel has an effective surveillance system will increase safety of guests, staff, and property.

If you are looking for help with your hotel security and surveillance talk to Sovereign Fire and Security today.

We offer a broad spectrum of support, from looking after the needs of major commercial clients through to protecting homes, families and individuals.

From our modest beginnings in the early 1990s, we now provide some of the best services in our field and have gained prestigious contracts with blue chip companies both wihtin our home region of South West England or across the UK.

In fact, our reputation is such that we deliver specialist international security projects for a wide range of clients, regularly travelling overseas to undertake sensitive work using the latest technology.

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