Automated gates are an underestimated component in any home security system, offering protection from the outside world and safety against unwanted visitors. Whether you have manual gates already or you are looking to get gates for your property, we have put together this useful guide to get you thinking about automated gates.

What are Automated Gates?

As the name suggests, these gates are powered and do not require the user to leave their vehicle. Even if your property is surrounded by fences and walls, gates can be a weak spot, but automated gates can help reduce your vulnerability. Usually triggered by an access control, such as a remote control or keypad, the gates open exclusively to those allowed entry.

Viewed often as a fantasy reserved only for grand country estates in the movies, automated gates are surprisingly affordable and realistic for the average homeowner. With a great selection of motions, styles and materials, gates can be adapted to fit any aesthetic; from wooden double swing gates to match a rural farmhouse, to sleek sliding metal gates for a contemporary build. Automated gates are designed to fit each unique site, with usage, terrain, and convenience all considered. Whether you want sensors to ensure your gates don’t ‘close in’ on vehicles, cameras to monitor property entry, complicated access controls, or bespoke pedestrian routes, you can get it all with automated gates.

Benefits of Automated Gates

Aside from making you feel like a Hollywood movie star, automated gates afford great benefits, especially concerning protection for your property and loved ones.


It may be obvious, but the significance of automated gates cannot be overstated. Not having to leave your car to gain access to property is paramount to your safety (as well as avoiding the rain). In dark conditions or adverse weather, you may not feel comfortable going outside, but luckily, you don’t have to. Depending on the access control your gate uses, you may just have to click a button, enter a code, flash a fob, or simply do nothing with registration plate recognition – if you want to be super fancy.

You also don’t have to worry about closing your gate once you leave, letting you go about your day with reassurance your property is secure. Consider options for your gate’s closing mechanism, whether it be by timer or sensor, to ensure your gate closes at the right time, every time.

Access Restriction

Tired of random cars entering your drive to turn around? Had enough of unknown people coming near your property? Automated gates help keep unwanted people and vehicles out.

With automated gates you can control who comes into your property and when. You may consider giving family members or friends a remote/fob/code to open the gate, or you may want to keep all the control for yourself. Either way, you can decide.

Not only do gates keep the unwanted out, they keep things in. Restrict your kids and pets to your property without fear of them going astray or playing near road traffic. Create boundaries and give yourself peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and sheltered.


When it comes to your private property, privacy is key. Nosey neighbours and exposed drives can make you feel vulnerable and unprotected. Having a gate creates your own little environment, with automated gates giving the added affordance of exclusive access. Build a safe haven for you and your loved ones – and not invasive passers-by.

Stay protected from doorstep traders and time wasters behind your automated gates. Keep your property exclusive to you.


From metal or wood, to sliding or swing, your gates can be made to fit whatever style or requirements you desire. Aesthetically, your gate can be made in keeping with the rest of your property, even by simply automating your current gate.

Swing gates are just that; swinging. Usually designed to swing inwards to prevent disruption to pedestrians or road traffic, swing gates are relatively simple, on the most basic level requiring a motor and hinges. If space is limited, consider a double swing gate to reduce the swing area.

Sliding gates are a tad more complicated, and therefore cost a little more. Sliding gates are suitable for more complex terrains; driveways with varying inclines or sharp turnings are less suited to swing gates. Although they tend to require more attention to maintenance to remain well functioning, sliding gates are undeniably useful for difficult driveway situations.


There is no denying the imposing look of a gate, sure to deter any potential intruders. Additional security features such as sophisticated access controls or cameras only add to the deterrent. Potential intruders will be discouraged by the restricted access, recognising you have the control over entrance. Also, even if someone makes it in, an automated gate makes a silent speedy getaway extremely hard. Create a security system to be reckoned with.

Here at Sovereign, we specialise in security systems from domestic to commercial, including security cameras and intruder alarms. Why not get in contact today to speak to our experts?

Good Investment

Aside from the added protection of your priceless belongings and loved ones, automated gates are a worthwhile investment. The exclusive shelter provided by automated gates is undeniably attractive to potential buyers – in fact, features such as automated gates can add 5% to the overall value of a house! Although you may not be looking to sell in the near future, adding value to your property is a welcome benefit to receive from any installation.

Insurance providers may also see benefit in your automated gate. It is likely you may get reduced insurance policy thanks to the added protection you have on your property. While safety should be the primary concern of your security features, there is no denying the financial benefit of automated gates.

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