Living in the countryside may be the ultimate dream for some, however living in a remote location is not without its security downsides. Crime rates are generally lower in the countryside compared to urban areas, but one can never be too safe.

Without the reassurance of close neighbours and proximity to police, having an effective home security system is vital for rural properties. Security is especially important for properties with multiple outbuildings, expensive machinery, and livestock.

Protecting what’s yours is not just about ensuring belongings don’t have to be replaced, it’s about reassuring family and giving yourself peace of mind that your property remains yours.

How to Protect a Home in a Rural Setting

Seemingly unprotected and isolated properties may be appealing to burglars, so we have listed some of our top tips for protecting your rural home.

Before installing security measures, ensure you have the right solutions for you and your property. Why not consult security experts Sovereign Fire and Security and let them help you?


Having around the clock access to a view of your property is no doubt reassuring. Many modern CCTV options even link to your mobile phone, allowing you to check up on their property, regardless of where they are. You can see who is on your property and when.

Seeing a security camera may deter potential intruders, as they will know their actions are being watched. It is therefore important the cameras cover a large proportion of the property, and don’t leave any uncovered areas, especially around entrance ways.

If the worst does happen, and a robbery takes place, you can use the recorded footage to aid investigation.

Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm is an incredibly effective method of both deterring and catching an intruder in the act. Statistics suggest a property is five times more likely to be burgled if it has no security measures compared to those with mere simple ones. Investing in an intruder alarm is therefore worth it in multiple respects; by deterring intruders and reducing chance of burglary.

Intruder alarms are loud, so any nearby properties are likely to be alerted to an intrusion, even if you are away. Otherwise, monitored security systems mean that when alarms are triggered in your property, someone is responsible for alerting you and/or the police. This can provide peace of mind even if you are away from your property, as you know someone is keeping an eye on it for you.

Create a Boundary

Encapsulating your property with fencing or thick hedges is an effective but not intrusive way of creating a barrier and restricting access. Reducing the number of entranceways to your property and reinforcing weak points helps to pinpoint main areas to watch out for.

By having a singular gate to access your property surrounded by shrubbery, you ensure that any visitors, wanted or not, have to go through the access point. Therefore, you can then focus efforts on monitoring that point, perhaps with cameras or sensors, so you are alerted to each entrance.

Restricting property entrance also restricts exit, important as burglars may struggle to make a speedy exit, increasing their chances of being caught. By reducing the locations at which burglars can enter your property or make their exit, you may deter them from trying, not wanting to take the risk.

As an additional security measure, install access controls on main gates, such as a keypad, to prevent unwanted persons even making it onto your property. Find out more about access controls and their crucial role in security systems here.

Deter Intruders

Intimidating intruders with visible intruder alarms, CCTV cameras, and motion activated lights is no doubt useful if an intruder is on your property, however there are measures you can take to prevent them from targeting your property at all.

If leaving your house for an extended period of time, consider using timers on lights or asking a neighbour to come over and draw the curtains each day. This way your house looks occupied even when no one is home. Making it seem like someone is home will likely make any burglar reconsider.

Locking doors and windows routinely, even during the day, is another great way to make the house seem more secure and reduce entrance points. If an intruder cannot find any easy ways to enter your property, they may be deterred from trying at all.

Dogs may bark at new or unfamiliar faces, which is a surprisingly useful trait. A dog reacting to a stranger’s presence alerts occupants to the person, and blows any secret cover they may have had. Not all dogs are suited to be guard dogs, however most are effective watch dogs, broadcasting unknown presences.

Stickers and signs warning intruders of a watch dog/CCTV/alarms are strong deterrents for intruders, highlighting their presence will not go unnoticed if they continue. Regardless of whether you have any of these security measures, advertising you have them may be enough to deter a fainthearted intruder.

Utilise Neighbours

If there are properties near you, work together with surrounding homeowners to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Perhaps a neighbour has noticed a shady doorstep trader, or has advice concerning machinery storage. It is important information and comradery is shared around a community, no matter how small, to ensure the safety of each other’s wellbeing and property.

If entirely isolated, look into monitoring schemes for your security system, giving you reassurance someone else is looking out for you in the event something goes wrong.

Protect your Rural Property with Sovereign Fire and Security

Sovereign Fire and Security have been providing bespoke fire and security solutions since the early 1990s. We are experts in a wide range of technologies across a variety of sectors, creating tailored solutions to suit each and every project.

Not only can we advise and install the best security solutions for your rural property, we provide service and maintenance to ensure protection that lasts years.

Get in touch with our specialist team today.

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