With driveways functioning as the primary access point for many homes, it is important to consider how security solutions can protect your driveway and deter thieves.

Securing your driveway is an excellent way to improve the overall security of your property. Having effective driveway security removes pressure from internal security systems, secures outdoor areas and protects assets such as vehicles. Combining a selection of indoor and outdoor security systems offers household occupants maximal peace of mind about the safety of themselves and their property.

Driveway Security Tips

To assist you in securing your driveway as effectively as possible, our security experts at Sovereign Fire & Security have collected a selection of our top tips.

Install Driveway CCTV

The installation of CCTV cameras and video surveillance to protect driveways and outdoor possessions is an effective way of securing your property. CCTV cameras serve as a useful deterrent for thieves and trespassers in addition to being of substantial value in the investigation of security breaches. Evidence suggests that the presence of a visible CCTV system alone significantly discourages thieves from attempting to gain unauthorised access onto a property.

Additionally, modern CCTV camera security devices offer both storage and insight into patterns detected by cameras. Access to this information offers customers peace of mind about the effectiveness of their security system and the safety of their home. Other varieties of CCTV technology include motion triggered recording, which allows for more efficient storage and infrared night vision that guarantees effective surveillance of a driveway at all hours.

The compatibility of CCTV systems with user-friendly smartphone technology also allows users to access their CCTV footage anywhere at any time, offering assurance that your driveway security continues to operate effectively, even when you are not at home.

The CCTV installation services offered by us at Sovereign Fire and Security also include the maintenance and service of CCTV cameras to ensure that our systems deliver maximum performance at all times. For professional security camera installation by experts, get in touch.

Light Up Your Driveway

Installing outdoor lighting is an overlooked method of keeping your driveway secure. Dark spaces provide ideal settings for thieves while well-lit driveways pose greater risks for burglars. Whether through motion activated lighting systems or decorative lighting, illuminating your driveway is a useful way to discourage intruders and make them easily identifiable if access is gained.

Utilise Gates and Access Control Systems

An effective way of securing your driveway, and therefore your property, is by controlling who can easily access your driveway, through a gate or advanced access control system.

Erecting a secure gate outside of your property prevents unwanted visitors from gaining access to your driveway and the property itself. Metal and wooden gates are highly suited for use on residential driveways due to their sturdiness and customisable design. Preventing thieves from viewing household assets may remove the motivation to gain unauthorised access to a property. Placing gates at the entry point of a driveway also prevents unwanted vehicles from approaching a property.  Similar to CCTV, utilising this driveway security feature reduces reliance on systems such as alarms. Taking steps to secure your driveway as a part of a larger residential security system poses greater challenges for burglars, thus reducing the likelihood of successful burglary.

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For a more advanced approach to driveway security, gates can also be fitted with access control technology to further secure a residential entrance. At Sovereign Fire and Security, we offer a host of access control options which can be utilised to secure your driveway while adhering to all current legislation. Offerings such as key fob systems and key pads can be mounted onto customisable gates to ensure that all access onto a property is authorised. Some modern access control systems even tilise vehicle registration recognition technology to provide ease of access to driveways whilst protecting a property from thieves.

Conceal Cars and Bikes

Vehicles and bikes are highly attractive to thieves. Without effective driveway security, these assets can be accessed easily by intruders. Those with access to garages should utilise this space for the storage of cars and bikes out of view from the road. For hose without garages, the installation of secure bike sheds or bike storage can help optimise the security of your driveway.

Keep Your Driveway Clear

Keeping your driveway clear allows for an unobstructed view of your outdoor space at all times. Making sure your driveway is free of clutter and unnecessary objects also allows for the maximum effectiveness of security systems such as CCTV. Overgrown plants, trees and bushes could interrupt your device’s view of the scene and consequently limit its effectiveness in identifying and deterring intruders.

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