Keeping your property safe starts at the perimeter. One of the best ways to protect your assets is by installing a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS). By deterring intruders at the fence, you are proactively ensuring that both your valuables and staff/loved ones are safe.

There are a wide variety of fantastic products available that are designed to secure your perimeter. At Sovereign Fire & Security, we’re proud to be partnered with Gallagher in order to offer the most advanced, effective PIDS available on the market.

Our experts have put together this article to run you through the basics of PIDS, and to help you make an informed decision about whether installing a PIDS is the right decision for your property.

What is a PIDS?

Unfortunately, the humble fence is often not enough to deter determined criminals. A perimeter intrusion detection system is comprised of your fence, and various pieces of additional hardware that augment your fence’s efficacy. PIDS can be linked with smartphones, computers, and tablets to provide real-time updates to the status of your perimeter, giving you complete control and peace-of-mind at all times.

Fence Hardware

Your pulse fence is your classic electrified barrier, refined with modern technology. Advanced fences are built around a bespoke design to meet the challenges of individual sites. Reliable fencing hardware should be easy to install and maintain, while still remaining strong.

A fence is comprised of:

  • Reinforced security posts – easy to install and built to last.
  • High conductivity wire.
  • Tensioner link system to keep wires taut.
  • Lightning diverters to protect from adverse weather conditions.
  • Security insulators.
  • High voltage gate switch.

Fence Controllers

A fence controller is the brain of your PIDS. With a variety of configurations, a high-performance fence controller helps to provide maximum intruder deterrent by configuring your fence to exact specifications. This piece of kit lets you control voltage, monitor fence zones, and keep track of archived alarms (in case you’ve been away).

In addition to this, the fence controller is designed to monitor the integrity of your PIDS. It can detect charge levels, battery failures, tampering, signal loss, overheating and more, keeping you fully informed of any issues that might arise.

Perimeter Sensors

Attaching to both new and existing perimeter fences, a sensor is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their security. Sensors are able to quickly identify intrusion attempts, alerting you silently. This gives you time to respond before the intruder knows what’s happening.

Sensors are the ultimate way to create a layered defence. By installing sensors at various points of your property, you can get a clear picture of exactly what is happening outside.

Command Centre

Working in tandem with your perimeter sensors and other fence hardware, the command centre provides a versatile feature set that allows operators to configure, monitor and control the PIDS. Any good modern PIDS will include a command centre that integrates with smart phones, computers, and tablets, allowing you to control your PIDS from anywhere.

The command centre is fully customisable, letting you adjust your security to meet your property’s needs. Using the app, you can create schedules, entry and exit delays, individually programmed responses, and assign privileges, all in one place!

Security Integrations

In addition to adjusting perimeter security, the command centre can also integrate a wide variety of third-party products, linking in with security features that you might already have installed such as security video integrations, ASCII Interface, exit zoning, visitor management software and zones reporting. This culminates into a one-stop-shop for your property’s security.

What Properties Benefit from PIDS?

Any building that has perceived value can be a target of burglary. Criminals don’t discriminate and will often target commercial, construction, residential and private businesses in equal measure.

PIDS have been deployed around a whole host of properties around the UK, including, but not limited to:

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial units
  • Retail stores
  • Education & healthcare buildings
  • Government properties
  • General construction sites
  • Urban dwellings
  • Rural residences
  • Care homes
  • Jewellers
  • High-profile individuals
  • Private consultation services

PIDS Regulations – is My PIDS Safe?

Any goods PIDS system will be internationally regulated and tested. These regulations are designed to ensure that any pulse systems are purely for deterrent, and not able to cause tangible harm. These legal specifications are constantly changing, that’s why it’s important to work closely with perimeter security experts to guarantee that your system is compliant with UK legislation.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems with Sovereign Fire & Security

At Sovereign Fire & Security, our main goal is to keep your assets safe. That’s why we partner with experts like Gallagher, as their specialist products put us in a distinct position to offer bespoke, adaptable, and effective perimeter intrusion detection systems.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our expert team. Whether you’re looking for tailored advice, or to upgrade your fire and security systems, our team is on hand to help find the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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