ANPR, standing for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, was first introduced in the UK in the late 1970s. These security camera systems are most commonly associated with the police force, with the primary purpose of detecting and deterring crime. But aside from being an extremely valuable tool for the police and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), ANPR has been utilised across all kinds of industries and purposes, from traffic monitoring and analysis to ensuring seamless parking management and site security for both public and private companies.

In this blog, the experts at Sovereign Fire & Security explain everything you know about this popular surveillance system, so you can decide if it’s right for your business.

How Does ANPR Work?

In a nutshell, ANPR technology works by using an HD infrared digital camera to decipher the licence plate number of an oncoming vehicle. The camera is connected to a computer server and uses a high-speed data network to transmit the license plate information. The ANPR camera will be connected to a specific software depending on its use. For example, it may connect to a police database to help assist the LEA to detect stolen vehicles.

What Are the Benefits of ANPR?

The use of ANPR in commercial security has become increasingly popular across a range of different sites, optimising and securing locations through automated entrances and exits. But just why are more and more private and public companies investing in ANPR systems? To help explain, we’re going to talk you through some of the fantastic benefits of ANPR.

1. Heightened Security

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of ANPR and the prime reason why so many businesses invest in it is due to the added security it offers. Even the mere knowledge that an ANPR camera is present can be enough to deter criminals from engaging in unlawful behaviour.

ANPR data plays a major role in helping to detect suspicious vehicles and malicious criminal activity. And on a smaller, but equally valuable, scale, ANPR helps businesses control security on their premises, managing who is able to enter the site and flagging any unknown vehicles that could be a security risk. Whatever the industry or application, you can count on ANPR to add that extra layer of security you need to achieve peace of mind. 

2. Automated Monitoring

ANPR cameras are a cost-effective way for businesses to monitor site security without having to invest in an on-site security team. The automated solution removes the need for parking wardens or other human personnel, providing a 24/7 service at a fraction of the cost. Added to this is the incredible accuracy of ANPR, ensuring nothing gets missed while eliminating the risk of human error that can often lead to problems.

With an automated service, businesses can also reduce the friction and confrontation that can arise from situations such as the delivery of fines to drivers who have not paid their parking fees. This doesn’t mean to say that ANPR totally negates the need for parking management teams and wardens. In fact, the automated security system can be a super helpful and complimentary tool, assisting in the process by providing teams with useful and accurate vehicle information.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

As well as helping to keep sites secure, ANPR systems help to create a much better customer experience by removing unnecessary stress for site visitors. For example, ANPR systems can be used to detect where there is space in a busy car park, allowing your business to direct visitors to these areas instead of them having to go through the frustrating process of searching for a spot. Furthermore, ANPR systems are perfectly catered to today’s modern consumer who has come to expect a frictionless and contactless service.

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How Much Do ANPR Cameras Cost?

When it comes to the costs of ANPR cameras, this really does vary depending on the needs of each job. Some of the main variables that impact the costs associated with ANPR include:

  • The complexity of the installation.
  • The type of ANPR technology deployed.
  • How it will be used.
  • The location of the site.

Moreover, ANPR systems will also have costs associated with regular maintenance of the physical hardware installed, the software required to detect the number plates, and uptime costs.

While it’s hard to give an overall cost for ANPR due to the different factors involved, the benefits you will experience will far outweigh any financial outlay. And, you may actually save in the long run due to reduced labour expenditure around manually checking vehicles, the automation of entrance monitoring, real-time reporting, and a reduction in error.

For a bespoke quote, please feel free to reach out to our team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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