Companies selling out is on the rise. False promises to employees from new management lead to uncertainty, instability, and confusion down the line – causing unnecessary stress due to things outside of your control. Staff are promised a seamless transition, and rarely is that delivered.

Prevent your job worries by working at a company that is one of the few truly independent Fire & Security companies in the South & Southwest of the UK. We at Sovereign Fire & Security are one of the longest standing providers of fire, security, and life safety systems and maintenance in the UK, and are proud to offer a friendly, secure, and stable environment in which to work and grow.

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What Job Opportunities Are There at Sovereign Fire & Security?

There are plenty of job opportunities at Sovereign for just about everyone. We offer a stable place to work, ensuring you have goals to work towards and the means to achieve them.

We have placements for a number of different levels and roles, including apprenticeships and opportunities for learning and development within your role.

Some of the key opportunities available at Sovereign are:

  • Engineers (including installation, service, maintenance, commissioning, multi-disciplined, and more)
  • Administrators
  • Sales representatives
  • Business development managers
  • Apprentices
  • And more!

Don’t let a company buyout leave you in an uncomfortable position – feel secure with a stable job from Sovereign, giving you a supportive working environment that helps keep down stress while ensuring you grow and feel valued.

Become a part of our independent, long-standing, family run business. We’ve been growing as the generations have gone by, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Contact us directly for a discrete conversation about your potential opportunities with us.

Find out more about available roles on our careers page >

What Sectors Does Sovereign Fire & Security Cover?

We work with a number of different blue-chip clients across four key sectors:

  1. Commercial. This sector includes office buildings, warehouses, industrial units, and more, providing fire safety and security for businesses and employees.
  2. Construction. This covers the building stage of places like education and healthcare facilities, governments and local authorities, and general construction sites.
  3. Home and Family. Urban dwellings or rural residences, private care homes, and communal living.
  4. Private Clients. This might include jewellers, high-profile individuals, and private consultation services.

Our services cover the full range of stages in the design and implementation of fire and security systems, from consolation and design, to installation, through to surveillance and maintenance. This means there will always be plenty of opportunities for jobs covering these various stages, along with facilitating roles such as admin and sales.

Discover some of the services we provide that you could be assisting with >

Benefits of Working with Sovereign Fire & Security

Working with us provides a number of benefits to help you live a stress-free life, ensure you have a secure job you enjoy, and supporting you to grow and develop your skills. With us, you’ll be part of a workplace that makes you feel valued and gives you clear goals to work towards.

When a company is bought out, management and changes lead to uncertainty and discomfort for staff. This isn’t what Sovereign are all about – we’ve been around for over thirty years, starting in the early ‘90s, and are still growing. Our presence in the South West, South Wales, Midlands, and London is well established, with further desired expansion opportunities to follow in the future.

Some of the key benefits of working with Sovereign are:

  • Encouragement, training, and support throughout every step of your career.
  • Up to date and future-ready skillsets supported by industry-leading technologies.
  • Opportunities to develop and further your career in our rapidly growing company.
  • Job security and respect – we have high staff retention and want employees to enjoy working here.
  • An attractive compensation and incentives package which is reviewed regularly.

Contact our dedicated HR department directly for a private, in-confidence conversation about potential opportunities with us by emailing

Where Does Sovereign Fire & Security Operate?

We’re a generationally growing family-operated business, working in many different regions across the UK. We have Regional Service Centres in the South West, Wales, the Midlands, and London. Over time we’re seeking to expand this list as we acquire more offices, targeting additional locations within the UK.

South West Offices

Located in Bristol.

Telephone: 0345 189 9808

Address: Unit 7a, St Martins Ind. Park, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 0RS

Located in Plymouth.

Telephone: 01752 875 116

Address: Suite 10, Marine Building, Queen Anne Place, Plymouth PL4 0FB

London Office

Located in Heston.

Telephone: 03451 899 808

Address: Arena Building, Parkway Trading Estate, Cranford Lane, Heston, TW5 9QA

View our case studies to see some of our previous projects >

Job Opportunities and Security with Sovereign

Don’t leave your stability at the hands of a company that might sell out and pull the rug from under your feet – join our rapidly growing community that puts family first. Our arms are open to engineers, administrators, sales representatives, and more. Join Sovereign Fire & Security and find yourself in a workplace in which you can grow, feel valued, set goals, and achieve them.

Check out our careers page for open positions, or for a private conversation, email our HR department at

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