Intruder alarms play a vital role in protecting buildings and their internal assets from thieves. However, there is more to ensuring an effective alarm system than simply selecting and installing the intruder alarm itself.

Following installation, regular maintenance and servicing is vital in order to make sure the system continues to perform and remains effective. Without frequent maintenance and servicing using an accredited and certified professional, the safety of your assets can be compromised.

In this blog from Sovereign Fire and Security, the importance of regularly servicing and maintaining an intruder alarm is outlined in detail.

Why Should You Regularly Service Your Intruder Alarm?

The importance of frequently maintaining your intruder alarms should not be overlooked. Regularly servicing your intruder alarm presents a host of benefits for a property owner, as we explore below.

Protect Your Property

The primary purpose of an intruder alarm system is to protect a property and its assets. As a security measure, alarms offer some of the most effective protection against intruders and theft at any building, regardless of its size.

However, the working order of an intruder alarm is optimised via regular servicing. It is a common misconception that the installation of an alarm ensures your property is forever protected. A single fault within an alarm system may prevent the operation of vital elements, like the sounding of an alarm upon a triggered sensor. Regular services ensure that each of an alarm’s components are fully operational.

Peace of Mind

When an alarm is regularly serviced, the owners or tenants of a property are offered peace of mind that their space and its contents are protected. Without expert guidance, the certainty that your alarm is working effectively can be compromised, resulting in increased anxiety regarding safety.

When an alarm is serviced, a customer is provided with a maintenance report that offers additional insight into the effectiveness of the service provided.

Detect Problems in Advance

Early detection is always preferable to full repair. One of the main aims of a professional conducting a service is to identify early signs of faults. When a fault is detected quickly, the risk of it developing into a more costly issue is reduced.

Without the support of an accredited professional, a system may appear to be in full working order even if it is faulty. This non-expert assumption could quickly compromise the safety of your property and leave you with a hefty bill that could have been avoided.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Alarm

Alarm servicing can be viewed in a similar way to servicing a car. Without regular attention, a fault is both inevitable and more immediate. If you have invested in an advanced intruder alarm system, regular servicing is essential to ensure that it requires as few costly repairs as possible.

Without regular maintenance, what once was a wise investment could soon turn into a drain on household or company funds. Keeping on top of minor faults by organising regular maintenance improves the lifespan of your investment, keeping the need for a brand-new intruder alarm at bay for considerably longer.

Adhere to the Terms of Building and Contents Insurance

The presence or absence of a fully operational intruder alarm system can be an important distinction for insurance providers. When there is evidence that a property is protected and a security system is in place, insurance companies often offer better premiums for customers. Within premium guidelines, it is common to observe conditions such as annual alarm services for intruder systems. When maintenance conditions such as these are met, customers are often granted continued access to their current premium.

Maximise Safety

When a protective system is installed, each of its components is new and fully operational. Over time and through regular use, an alarm’s individual parts can become worn. In addition to limiting the effectiveness of the alarm, safety concerns can also emerge when this happens. For example, it is possible for internal batteries to overheat and pose fire hazards. During a service, an accredited and certified professional will check system parts for evidence of risks of this nature.

When Should You Service Your Intruder Alarm?

The recommended service frequency depends on the variety of intruder alarm you have. For alarms that function only to sound, services are typically recommended annually. More advanced systems, such as those that also alert authorities, should be serviced twice each year.

Intruder Alarm Maintenance & Servicing with Sovereign Fire and Security

At Sovereign Fire and Security we are dedicated to providing the highest quality fire and security services. Not only do we supply industry-leading intruder alarm systems to properties of all types, we also provide professional and reliable ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain efficient and functional.

Our business is NSI Gold accredited, meaning we deliver only the highest standards of customer care. To safeguard the effectiveness and longevity of your intruder alarm, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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