Security Alarms have come a long way from their humble “bell-only” beginning. Modern Security Alarms don’t just let out shrill screeches when triggered, they can contact key holders and the emergency services. The most advanced Security Alarms, Smart Alarms, can even alert homeowners to breeches of their property from the palm of their hand.

This informative guide is designed to help property or homeowners decide if Smart Alarms are for them. Protecting valuables and loved ones is at the forefront of any homeowners’ mind, therefore, ensuring an effective Home Security System is put in place is paramount.

What are Smart Alarms?

Connected to homeowners via WIFI, Smart Alarms allow homeowners to monitor and control their Home Security System from anywhere in the world. Smart Alarms send alerts (likely via an app) when triggered, usually by something, or someone, detected by motion sensors – don’t worry, most are ‘pet friendly’ so you won’t have to fret about your cat setting it off.

To take your Home Security System to the next level, interconnect multiple ‘smart’ devices using WIFI. From cameras to plugs, there is an expansive range of security technology to improve your property’s protection. Keep reading to find out how Smart Alarms can be integrated into your personal Home Security System.

Benefits of Smart Alarms

Smart Alarms are essentially the same as traditional alarm systems, with the additional benefit of the homeowner definitely knowing when the alarm is triggered. But there are plenty of positive reasons to upgrade. Here are some of the top benefits of Smart Alarms:

Alerts Around the World

Whether you’ve journeyed to the other side of the world or simply popped to work, you can get alerts from your Smart Alarm. Provided you have a WIFI connection, your Smart Alarm will let you know when it has been triggered.

This affords great peace of mind for homeowners, who can now go about their day knowing they are in control. Where before you may be on a cruise getting a panicked text from a neighbour listening to a shrieking alarm stuck at a loss at what to do, you can now resolve the situation calmly. With additional security measures such as cameras, you’ll be able to assess the situation on your phone and decide whether to contact the emergency services, all with a piña colada in hand.  While this is an exaggerated example, it is no doubt reassuring knowing you could be in control of your property wherever you are, without relying on others.

Do consider if this appeals to you, though. You may find yourself anxiously hovering over your security app instead of relaxing.


Smart Alarms aren’t cheap, but they are affordable, and certainly worth the investment. Considering the protection they provide for priceless valuables and loved ones, quality security systems should not be compromised. Also, most insurance companies offer discounted policies for homes with added security, so perhaps this investment will literally pay off.

Lots of companies offer starter kits for a few hundred pounds, including all the basic devices needed to set up a Home Security System, with Smart Alarms a constant. From there, it is incredibly easy, and often cost efficient, to add to the system yourself, adapting it to fit needs. As most smart devices are wireless, they are easy to install, meaning you don’t have to fork out for help.

If you have a comprehensive Smart Home Security System, you may not want to pay for a monitoring service as you can now easily monitor your security and make your own decisions instantaneously. Therefore, you can save money by not having to pay a subscription fee to monitoring services. However, if you would like the added protection of a monitoring service, taking pressure away from you, Sovereign Fire and Security can help you.

Arm and Disarm Wherever

With family coming and going at all hours, it may be suitable to arm/disarm your alarm. Fortunately, with a Smart Alarm, this process is incredibly easy and fuss-free; simply click a button. Being in control so simply means there shouldn’t be many mishaps or accidental triggering.

This is especially useful if you’ve left the house and can’t remember if you armed the alarm – just check on your phone. You will get ultimate peace of mind knowing you can control when your alarm is armed.

If the alarmed is accidentally triggered, say by a family member returning home late at night, you can disarm the alarm with ease and avoid incurring issues.

Many Smart Alarms also allow zone control from your smartphone or tablet, meaning the downstairs of your house could be armed, but the upstairs disabled, allowing hassle-free midnight trips to the loo.


As mentioned before, most smart devices can be self-installed. This is a massive benefit for someone who wants to know their security is in their hands. It also saves a bit of money as no professional help is needed.

However, in order to maximise the effectiveness of your Home Security System, we recommend getting professional advice. Installing without an expert opinion may result in badly placed equipment, for example a camera not catching entranceways, making the devices redundant.

If you have any questions concerning Home Security Systems, don’t hesitate to contact Sovereign Fire and Security, experts in creating personalised security solutions that work.

Smart Home Security Systems

Consider improving your Home Security System by making it smart. Being able to control devices within your house with the touch of a button has surprising benefits for security. The smarter your house is, the more comprehensive your protection is. Combine your Smart Alarm with these smart devices to bolster your security.

Wireless Cameras

Security Cameras are a fantastic addition to Smart Home Security Systems as they let you see what is going on instead of just being alerted. Not only can you watch the cameras live, but often you can store footage. This means you don’t have to wait to watch footage on a PC once something bad has happened – it’s in your hand.

Great for monitoring young children or pets, Smart Security Cameras ensure you know what is going on at your property at all time. If you don’t fancy something so invasive, try a Smart Doorbell. With a camera and audio capabilities, you’ll be able to see who is approaching your property and keep an eye on visitors.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors are commonly used as the detector for traditional and Smart Alarms alike, however Smart Motion Sensors are more complex sending alerts directly to you. Consider placing them on windows or doors to see if and when they are opened. Outdoor Motion Sensors with lights are effective at making someone’s presence known, perfect for scaring off an intruder.

Smart Plugs

Although seen as a technological advancement for convenience, being able to turn off devices from your phone has incredible fire and security benefits.

Not only can you check the straighteners have been turned off, or flick the kettle on while still in bed, you can make your house look occupied, even if miles away. Turn a lamp or two on remotely while you are away, and any potential intruders may believe you are home and abandon an attempt. This security benefit may seem small, but its implications are impressive. 

Home Security with Sovereign Fire and Security

Creating a comprehensive Smart Home Security System doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; evaluate your property’s needs and find a suitable solution. With over 20 years’ experience in creating effective fire and security solutions, our experts at Sovereign can give you advice on the ideal Home Security System. From planning and installation to service and maintenance, our security specialists create protection made to last.

Speak to security professionals at Sovereign Fire and Security to find a bespoke security strategy for you.

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