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Gas Extinguishing Systems

Gas Extinguishing Systems

A gas extinguishing fire system are used when water, foam or powder extinguishers are not effective or risk causing damage to equipment.

Where are gas systems used?

  • IT Server Rooms
  • Document Stores and Archives
  • Art Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Offshore Drilling Facilities
  • Battery Compartments
  • Ships

Gaseous Fire Suppression systems or clean agent fire suppression systems is a term used to describe gases used to put out fires.

Gaseous systems work in 2 ways:

  • Reducing the oxygen level to a point where a fuel can no longer sustain combustion
  • React chemically to break down the chain reaction of combustion

Gaseous Fire Suppression systems are designed to protect highly valuable equipment or property that risks being damaged by traditional water, foam or powder-based systems.

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Office buildings, warehousing and industrial units, retail environments, food manufacturing & processing.


Education & healthcare, government & local authority, home office sites, general construction.

Home and Family

Urban dwellings, country/rural residences, private care homes/communal living.

Private Clients

Jewellers, bonded warehousing, high-profile individuals, private consultation service.