Last year, an estimated £44.5million was lost to offences against farmers and rural businesses, a figure that shows a rise of 13.4% from 2016, according to the National Farmers Union. And it is not just theft that has seen rural crime rise to its highest in four years, but the criminal activity fly-tipping, which can also be devasting to farmers by injuring livestock and contaminating the land.

The good news is, here at Sovereign Fire and Security, we can take care of all your security needs to help protect you, your family, land and property. With our high spec systems, there will be no need to turn to the medieval methods, such as digging dry trenches and creating earth banks, that some landowners have resorted to. The only thing a farmer will need their tractor for is farming!

Of course, the desire to protect family and property is human instinct. Along with some top tips to deter burglars, we discuss a variety of security systems that can be tailored to your needs and will leave you feeling less vulnerable to criminal activity despite the rural setting of your farm.

Tips for Improving Farm Security

CCTV Systems

CCTV has often been shown to be the most effective deterrent for home burglaries and car thefts. With farmers having to store so many valuable items; machinery, quad bikes and terrain vehicles, CCTV could be a relatively simple measure to help protect your possessions. Whilst CCTV is highly successful in deterring an intruder from entering your building, should they still decide to go ahead, CCTV can be utilised after the event to help the recovery of items and catch the criminal.

Furthermore, many insurance companies are now offering discounts to landholders who have CCTV. Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, our CCTV systems are of the highest quality and in line with advances of modern technology, such as the added benefit of linking to your mobile phone via an app, which enables you to monitor your farm even when you are away.

Access Control

One of the most effective ways to deter criminals is to make it as difficult as possible to access your land and property. Along with the usual security measures of a property, such as locked windows and doors, automated security gates and barriers can make unknown vehicle access virtually impossible, offering invaluable protection. Audio and visual entry systems can also be utilised, and keypad entry systems allow you to have complete control over who you let in. At Sovereign Fire and Security Systems, due to our access to a wide variety of manufacturers, your access requirements can be tailored to your needs. We offer entry code systems, and large networked audio/video systems with card, fob or biometric systems. All options utilise the latest technology and are compliant with all current legislations. Better still, for those who consider the aesthetics when investing in security, we can even provide design advice and ensure any systems fit in with the character and aesthetics of your property.

Intruder Systems

Ultimately, no criminal wants to be caught. Monitored intruder alarms and panic systems give homeowners the chance to react to criminal activity and contact the police with speed. Whilst tackling an intruder yourself is certainly not recommended, an alarm leaves an intruder unsure what is waiting for them.

With external perimeter detection, you can be alerted to an intruder before they are able to reach anything valuable and increase the likelihood that they will abandon the attempt to break in. It can also stop fly tippers in their tracks should an alarm sound when at the perimeter of your property or land.

At a farm, an intruder does not necessarily mean a human either. You also want to protect your livestock and surrounding land from predators. With electric fencing systems you can not only prevent your livestock from getting out, but also you can be alerted to unwanted predators getting in, giving you time to act quickly.

Get Started with Sovereign Fire and Security

Of course, alongside high-tech solutions there are a number of things you can do when you need to leave your farm to make it less vulnerable to break ins. At the farmhouse, make sure to leave the TV on when you go out and if you are leaving your property for a long period of time, perhaps for a holiday, resist the temptation to post this on social media as this can draw attention to the fact your property is empty.

Whilst you are away, if possible, park a vehicle on your farm driveway or further restrict access to buildings by using a vehicle to block an entrance. You should also make sure dark areas are well lit (this will help CCTV pick up clearer images too). If possible, have a second member of the family check all doors and windows are locked every time you leave the house.

For valuable machinery, consider engraving or simply taking a picture for proof of identity. These are all examples of small things that may make a big difference when it comes to deterring a burglar from your property.

When accompanied with the best security systems in the business, a few simple rituals for leaving the farm can help remove the anxiety of leaving your livestock, home and land unattended. At Sovereign Fire and Security systems, we have access to a wide range of manufacturers making it easy to tailor your security systems to your needs and budget. Furthermore, our exceptional after-sales and maintenance service means we will look after the security needs of your farm long after the installation of our systems, giving you full peace of mind.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you install the appropriate security measures to protect your farm.

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