Home security systems are combined security installations organised by a central control panel to allow ultimate and constant control. More than burglar alarms, home security systems can be adapted to specific needs and security requirements. Whether you have precious valuables, want peace of mind when leaving your house, or are simply curious about home security solutions, we have this helpful guide to help you.

Why Should you Have a Home Security System?

Not only will a home security system put your mind at ease, knowing intruders could be caught on camera or spooked by an alarm, they are great at preventing intruders in the first place. 90% of burglaries are targeted at homes that have no security system, so having one, and making that clear, helps keep your beloved home and precious contents protected.

With technology developing rapidly, so-called smart homes are coming into being; allowing homeowners to monitor their property and control elements such as lighting to give the impression the house isn’t empty.

A home security system doesn’t have to be complicated, however, being able to monitor home cameras from all the over the world is an attractive and attainable prospect to most homeowners.

Home security systems give you peace of mind about your loved ones and valuable belongings.

What do Home Security Systems Include?

From neighbour-waking burglar alarms, to carbon monoxide sensors, your home security system can be adapted to your property and needs.

A control panel is key in any home security system. Placed somewhere convenient in the property, it allows homeowners quick and easy control of security systems, through turning elements off to monitoring footage. Control panels can even be fitted with security measures, most commonly a code, to prevent unwanted access and control of security systems.

Systems may include sensors, both on the interior and exterior of a property. Motion sensors inside are effective at capturing movement in unwanted areas such as near valuables. By tripping an alarm or lights, motion sensors help create an invisible barrier not to be crossed. Outdoor motion sensors can also trip lights, helping to deter unwanted visitors by making their presence known.

Cameras and alarms are most commonly associated with home security systems, both having great affordances. Cameras provide reassurance as homeowners can monitor who is entering and leaving their property without being present. They are especially useful on buildings out of sight, such as outbuildings, whereby remoteness makes them more vulnerable. Alarms alert homeowners, and often surrounding properties, of any intrusion. By notifying both the homeowner and surrounding people, an alarm helps to ensure action is taken quickly, or at the very least, the perpetrator dashes before causing damage.

Often security providers offer clients stickers or posters about their home security system; not as free marketing, but also useful deterrent for any prospective burglars. If anyone considering entering your property can clearly see you have security systems, they are no doubt going to be deterred and abandon their plan.

What to Consider With a Home Security System

Home security systems are not limited, you can include multiple different security services and even environmental ones for fire, flooding or carbon monoxide. You can adapt your system to suit your property, from requirements for certain areas, to accommodating protection to a larger house. Why not get cameras linked to an app, so you can keep an eye on your house whenever, wherever.

However, be realistic and sensible regarding your needs. There is little point installing a motion sensor alarm for asset protection if you do not possess valuable items. Similarly, intrusion alarms with emergency service links can be great, but not entirely necessary for most. Make the most out of your security system, without blowing the budget.

Consider the provider you use very carefully; you are putting your prized possession and beloved house in their hands so choose wisely. Sovereign Fire & Security are trusted specialists, with over 20 years’ experience delivering bespoke fire and security solutions for big firms and small dwellings alike; check out our testimonials. Accreditations help reflect a company’s dedication to quality, reassuring clients they are consistent and reliable.

Is a Home Security System a Good Investment?

Investing in a home security system is just that; an investment – though one hopes it never truly has to prove its worth.

A price cannot be put on the safety of valuable items or family members. Initially costs may not be cheap, but the peace of mind the security measures give will be worth it. Costs vary from property to property, depending on size, requirements, installation, added extras etc. so be prepared to plan carefully and understand your needs. You can always install security appliances yourself, however if poorly installed, there will be little benefit.

Sovereign Fire & Security not only consult with you to ensure you get exactly what you want, but professionally install your system, providing you with comprehensive protection. They also carry out maintenance and services, giving you reassurance and security year after year. Find out how Sovereign can provide lifelong security for your home.

Installing a home security system can provide financial benefits, namely discounts on home insurance. Insurance companies are likely to give cheaper rates if they know you are going the extra mile to protect your possessions. Discounts are especially likely if the provider is NSI accredited, for example, as insurers trust these companies and know their service to be reliable.

Get Secure with Sovereign Fire & Security

Whether you own a housing complex or a remote property, we can help you feel safe and secure. Our expert team can deliver a personalised solution to meet specific requirements on a variety of scales. Get in touch today and find out how we can create your home security system.

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