When it comes to commercial building security, there is lots at stake. Not only must employees and users be safe, but also assets and hardware. The effects of a security breach go beyond financial loss and can be disastrous for reputation and employees’ feelings of safety.

With the significance of effective security in mind, we have created this guide to security for commercial premises and assets. As accredited fire and security experts with over 25 years’ experience, Sovereign Fire and Security provide services across all sectors, from private residential properties through to blue chip companies.

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Commercial Security Tips and Advice

From office buildings and retail environments, to warehouses and industrial units, here are some of our top commercial security tips and advice.

Install CCTV

Having the ability to see what is happening on your premises at all hours of the day can be hugely reassuring. As a business owner or premises manager, knowing what is going on when you are not present can provide the ultimate peace of mind.

CCTV can help prevent break-ins as they are visible and ensure any criminal activity will not go unnoticed. If intruders decide to run the risk anyway and a security incident does take place, your CCTV has it covered. Not only can you catch a criminal in the act, you have recorded high-quality evidence, vital in both apprehending and punishing a suspect.

Ideally you want your CCTV to cover premise’ entrances and especially valued assets, however, be careful not to leave blind spots. Intruders are opportunistic and will use blind spots to their advantage. When installing CCTV systems, ensure you contact a professional and get expert advice on placement for maximum effective coverage. Find out more about Sovereign’s CCTV expertise.

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Intruder Systems

From stand-alone installations to multi-zoned networked systems, intruder systems can be made to accommodate any sized premises. Crucial in the event of a break-in, intruder systems alert you and others to potential intrusions. They are also proven to aid prevention and deter potential intruders.

With a variety of physical keypad control options, you can find a system that works for you and your premises. There are even multiple monitoring options, such as text generators, so you have great choice when it comes to choosing your intruder system.

Protect your Perimeter

Don’t underestimate the significance of your perimeter in your security solution. The physical deterrent of a fence or wall can act as an almost-literal hurdle to prevent break-ins. Additionally, perimeter security such as fences can create privacy from the surrounding area.

Especially applicable for larger premises, potentially industrial areas or warehouses, perimeter protection is key to commercial security.

Before rushing to install an industrial electric fence around your premises, evaluate the options and find perimeter security that is applicable and legal. While you may feel safest behind highly secured fences, this may not be suitable for your budget or commercial location. A simple sturdy fence, outdoor lighting, or smart CCTV placement on your perimeter can go a long way in keeping you, your employees, and your premises safe.

Control Who Goes Where

Key to the security of any commercial premises is knowing who is allowed to go where and when. Take a hospital as an example: to keep patients safe, especially in critical conditions, access may be restricted by access control systems for critical doctors and nurses only. Similarly, in retail, entrance to storerooms or certain displays may be limited to keyholder staff to prevent public access and potential theft.

Access control systems have come a long way from physical keys thanks to technology. Whereas years ago, access tools could be replicated or stolen, systems are far more advanced now. From sophisticated biometrics to controlled fobs, access control systems are adaptable across all budgets and requirements.

Cards and fobs are very popular access control methods for offices or retail spaces, as doors and gates can be easily opened and controlled by those given permission. Card and fob systems are also very simply scalable; all that is required is registering to the system and administering the access control method. From there, permissions can be allowed, whether it be blocking certain areas or adjusting access as employee responsibility increases.

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Ensure Your System Works

Once all your security systems are in place and are protecting your commercial premises and staff, you can sit back and relax – right?

While, granted, you may have peace of mind from your security systems, it is best not to get complacent. Maintain good security practices, such as checking doors are locked and other basic security checks, as well as regularly testing your security systems. As with fire alarm drills, it is important to ensure your employees understand procedure and that systems are tested.

Sovereign offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance contracts, even if we didn’t initially install the product or service. Having a fully working system is crucial for both protection and insurance purposes.

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Commercial Security with Sovereign Fire and Security

The best way to ensure your commercial property and assets are safe is by consulting the professionals. From initial consultation and designing a bespoke system to fit your unique needs, to professional installation and continued maintenance, Sovereign Fire and Security work with you to create the ideal security solution. Check out our specialised commercial services or read our case studies to get an idea of what we can do.

Able to provide, install and service a range of security solutions, Sovereign Fire and Security offer a comprehensive security solution for commercial premises and assets. Contact Sovereign Fire and Security today.

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