Best Home Security Systems – Tips and Recommendations

Home security systems are critical investments with many advantages. Considering 90% of burglaries are targeted at homes that have no security system, getting a comprehensive security system for your home is strongly advised. In this guide, our security experts at Sovereign Fire and Security give tips for choosing a home security system followed by recommendations for the best on the market.

Home Security System Recommendations

Before investing in a home security system there are a few key considerations which may determine which system is best for your property. Below are our top recommendations for purchasing a home security system.

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Ensure Connectivity

The most convenient home security systems can be controlled from one central control panel placed in a handy location. Having various control systems for different security components may inhibit effectiveness or homeowner reaction to an incident. Therefore, it makes sense to buy all components of the system from the same supplier or ensure they are all compatible on the same system.

This is fairly easy to achieve now as many leading security system providers offer a range of whole systems and compatible extras that easily integrate.

Have Remote Access

Modern home security systems are often connected to the internet, providing a wealth of benefits. So-called ‘smart home’ systems allow homeowners to control their security systems wherever they are. From arming the intruder alarm or checking the CCTV, to turning off lights or adjusting the thermostat, homeowners can now have complete control from the palm of their hand. For ultimate peace of mind, ensure your home security system has remote access via internet and/or apps.

Get advice for getting started with smart security alarms here.

Consider Installation

Many home security systems are available with wireless components. These are useful for simple installation and moveability (i.e., homeowners can move their security system if moving house) however, some may prefer the robustness and perceived reliability of wired security systems. Whichever you choose, consider the installation requirements and what other factors are needed such as power or internet connection.

Assess Support

If you are looking for comprehensive security for your premises, a monitored alarm system may suit your requirements. Monitored alarm systems notify homeowners when an alarm is triggered through text or phone call, for example, and if not resolved the emergency services are called. This extra level of security may appeal to homeowners who are vulnerable or in rural locations.

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A panic alarm system is also a consideration for those who want an extra level of protection from the emergency services.

Consult Security Experts

Lots of popular home security system kits can be installed by homeowners with minimal difficulty. However, some require professional help to connect and power components correctly. It is worthwhile consulting security experts when investing in and installing a home security system anyway, as specialists can advise on best placement, most suitable components and other important factors that can affect the effectives of a security system.

Here at Sovereign Fire and Security our security experts can advise on the best bespoke system for individual properties, utilising many years’ experience in home and family security. To find the ideal security solution for your property, requirements and budget, get in touch!

Include Fire Safety Measures

While overhauling a home security system, it is a good time to assess fire security as well and create a comprehensive life safety system. From testing the fire alarm to investing in a carbon dioxide detector, homeowners have many fire safety aspects to consider.

Our fire safety specialists at Sovereign Fire and Security have put together a home fire safety equipment kit list to help homeowners get started.

The Best Home Security Systems

Considering the above factors and the security requirements of individual properties, the ‘best’ security system for various homeowners may vary. As each kit is different and includes a range of components, it is down to the individual homeowner to find the solution that best suits their property.

Get Started with Sovereign Fire and Security

If you are looking for comprehensive fire and security safety systems for your home, get in touch with Sovereign Fire and Security. Our accredited team of experts take time to get to know your requirements, your property and the various risks presented to then design, install and maintain the ideal solution for you.

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