Businesses that deal with high-value products are, unfortunately, prized targets for theft.

If your site stores or displays unique or highly desirable products, you may risk being targeted by a more sophisticated kind of criminal than a typical shop or warehouse. A professional raid may even use leaked insider knowledge about the weaknesses of the site and organisation. As such, it is wise to carefully design your security and fire systems so they could withstand a planned and potentially complex assault.

We recommend specialist systems that are more technically advanced and able to withstand over-ride, tampering, blocking and obstruction.

Our clients often prefer to deploy a top-quality Avigilon™ (award-winning HD CCTV) system to identify and prevent people from scoping the site before an intrusion, and protect against insider theft and staff corruption.

You may need your security system to act as a visual deterrent, or it may need to sit discreetly in its environment.

Whether your concerns are tracking and recovering irreplaceable assets, protecting client data or protecting your business’s reputation, we have the experience that will help you feel secure.

Whichever system you choose, you need to guarantee the personal safety of staff both leading up to and during an incident. If kidnapping and tiger kidnapping pose a real threat, we make it an absolute priority to implement the necessary protection measures to keep you and your staff safe.

Our advanced systems include much deeper layers of security than others, to preserve your peace of mind.

With Sovereign, you are in safe hands.

How we work

First you will meet with one of our company directors who has a proven track record in your field and experience of dealing with situations like yours. Consultations of this kind are only held at director level so that we can fully understand your requirements and concerns.

If you prefer, for your protection and peace of mind, our initial consultation meeting can take place at our office or at an independent location.

We will undertake a thorough risk analysis of your situation and then one of our designers will prepare a technical specification based on your requirements. Our director will then present a range of options for you to consider.

Throughout the process, only our director and designer will have access to your information. You can rest assured that any weaknesses in your current set-up will remain confidential.

On request, we can put you in touch with other Sovereign clients in your field to discuss their experience of working with us.

Arrange a private consultation with one of our Directors >

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