When choosing a surveillance system, it’s important to make sure you find the right camera for your needs. There are many options on the market, but IP cameras have numerous advantages over the rest. Able to store data via a network connection rather than onsite, they enhance the overall security of the infrastructure. And a more secure surveillance system means a more secure site overall.

Sovereign Fire & Security have been protecting businesses, homes, and private clients for nearly three decades. Our CCTV and video surveillance systems are designed to give you total peace of mind. Our expert team will install your chosen system to the highest standard, help you understand the functionality, and assist you day or night with any issues.

In this blog, we explain the key benefits of choosing IP cameras for your surveillance system.

What is IP Camera Surveillance?

IP Camera Surveillance is a type of digital security system that uses IP or Internet Protocol cameras instead of analogue CCTV cameras. IP cameras capture and transfer high quality digital footage via an IP network, removing the need for a local recording device, and providing secure, remote accessibility.

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Benefits of IP Camera Surveillance

Better Image Quality

IP cameras record high quality video footage with a better resolution than their analogue counterparts. This means cameras can be set up to cover larger areas and still provide crisp, detailed images. Many IP cameras also use progressive scan technology to capture clear images of moving objects. And a better video quality means the footage will be more usable as evidence or to aid in the investigation after a security incident.

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IP cameras are highly intelligent, enhancing the performance of your security systems. A camera will be able to detect if it is being tampered with and send you an alert. It will also identify if there is a problem with the lens or overall function, preventing downtime. It can also be set up to incorporate video analytics such as people counting, detection, or even thermal imaging.

Remote Monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of IP cameras is that you can access them from anywhere, on any device with the correct software installed. At Sovereign, our systems are highly user friendly and can be watched via mobile apps from any location. This allows you to check up on things when you’re away and, because the cameras can be set up to send real time push alerts if they detect activity, means you are more likely to stop or intercept a crime, rather than just picking up the pieces afterwards.

Enhanced Functionality

These handy cameras come with a range of extra functions that can boost the overall performance of your security system. You can zoom into live and recorded video to recognise people or number plates and otherwise aid in any investigations after an incident. As well as this, IP cameras tend to come with motion detection, cross line detection, and improved low light functionality. Some can even adjust or react to trigger events.

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The great thing about IP surveillance is that additional cameras can be easily added to the system whenever necessary. The infrastructure is easy to install in the first place, and highly scalable afterwards. This means it can adapt and grow as your site grows, changes, or you identify other locations that need to be covered by surveillance. The system can also easily be integrated into other kinds of existing security systems like alarms or access control.

At Sovereign, we work in partnership with Avigilon, providing an advanced surveillance platform that can scale with your business whatever your current size or sector.

Cost Effective

Whilst IP cameras have tended to be more expensive than analogue models, the price is dropping rapidly as the technology becomes more widespread. Add to that the ease of installation and lower costs for other equipment and it’s clear IP surveillance can be a highly economical option for residential buildings or businesses. And it goes without saying that if your security system performs better, you’ll face fewer financial losses through theft.

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Less Cabling

Analogue cameras require multiple cables making their installation a bit complicated. On the other hand, IP cameras use Power over Ethernet (POE), combining network and power into a single cable. Easy to install and a neater look overall – what’s not to like?

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Secure Data Storage

The data recorded on IP cameras is not stored on site, at risk of being stolen or damaged. Instead, the data is immediately encrypted and compressed before being transported over the internet to your server, and stored on a Network Video Recorder (NVR). This makes the video data difficult to intercept and increases the security of your system.

IP Camera Surveillance Tips

When setting up your IP surveillance cameras, there are a few things to consider. Make sure you don’t leave blind spots by providing coverage for all vulnerable parts of the building such as windows, entries, and exits. It’s also important to make sure it is set up securely and use a strong password to prevent anyone else from accessing the camera. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to get a professional company to advise you on the best system for your requirements, and install it to the highest standard.

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Harness the Power of IP Surveillance

Sovereign can help you get the most from your security system, whether it’s a private home or large corporate site. Our engineers are NSI Gold accredited, designing surveillance solutions that work for your site and situation, and ensuring performance and compliance. From advice on the best products to installation and integration with existing systems, we make it easier than ever to safeguard your premises.

Talk to us about your video surveillance needs today.

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