Gas Fire Suppression Systems (also known as clean agent fire suppression systems) are widely accepted as one of the best performing and most effective fire extinguishing systems that you can have, however, what are the pros and cons for these systems and who are they best suited for?

Gas Fire Suppression Systems use a combination of inert gasses, chemical agents or vaporised liquids to control and extinguish fires.

These systems usually consist of fire detectors, fire detection system, agent storage and delivery systems and dispersion nozzles.

Clean agent suppression system’s (gas) extinguish fires by:

  • Reducing heat
  • Isolating the fuel
  • Isolation of oxygen
  • Reducing the chain reaction causing combustion

Where are clean agent fire systems used?

Gas extinguishing fire systems are used when water, foam or powder extinguishers are not effective or risk causing damage to equipment.

Common locations for these systems are:

  • IT Server Rooms
  • Document Stores and Archives
  • Art Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Offshore Drilling Facilities
  • Battery Compartments
  • Ships

Gaseous Fire Suppression systems or clean agent fire suppression systems is a term used to describe gases used to put out fires.

Risks associated with gas suppression systems:

C02 systems are hazardous to health so can only be used within environments that have a low occupancy. Due to the way that they work, C02 system’s pump C02 into the air, reducing the oxygen available to fuel the fire.

By increasing the C02 levels in the air it creates an environment that is also extremely dangerous to human life, as such, C02 systems are only allowed in environments that are not regularly used by people.

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