Thermal Screening is just one example of the incredible ways in which technology can revolutionise our ability to keep each other safe in the modern society we live in.

The technology uses advanced detectors and algorithms designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures. This detection can be done almost instantaneously and, with the incredible aid of AI (artificial intelligence), false alarms from other heat sources are removed.

Why should we use thermal screening solutions?

An unusually high temperature suggests something is wrong. It could be a sign ventilation in a building is inadequate, or the aircon has failed, but when it is specific to an individual in a crowd, it is likely to be a sign of illness such as a fever or virus. We all know the dangers of a highly contagious virus and so early detection, from thermal screening, can help to dramatically reduce the risk of infecting others. This brings a whole host of benefits to a huge variety of settings, particularly those with a large number of people such as office buildings, factories, stations, airports or other enclosed public places.

Here, we take a further look into the incredible benefits thermal screening can bring to a whole host of environments and with a range of solutions available, we hope to help you understand the type most appropriate for your setting.

Benefits of Thermal Screening


Thermal screening can detect skin-surface temperature in as little as one second. With a contagious virus, there’s no need to wait for lengthy test results before you act.

Instead you have the information you need in an instance, allowing you to act quickly and reduce the risk of those with a virus infecting others faster than ever before.


CCTV cameras have long been used to improve the security of buildings, but thermal cameras have the added benefit of allowing us to see what the eyes may not normally be able to detect i.e. invisible heat radiation. This allows us to detect potential intruders even in low lighting.


Whether a raised temperature is down to a contagious or non-contagious fever, early detection helps to protect public health in a variety of ways. Someone with a raised temperature whose job involves controlling heavy or large machinery could find a high temperature impairs their ability to do so, putting themselves and those around at greater risk regardless of whether the fever is contagious or not.


While the initial outlay of installing thermal screening solutions can be high, the cost of temporary staff or worse, the temporary closure of a business should a virus spread rapidly amongst employees, could be saved by early fever detection.


There is no need for manually checking temperatures either in the workplace or even doctors with thermal screening solutions. The process is fully automated making it a highly efficient way of detecting high temperatures in comparison.


Thermal screening offers the ability to detect high temperatures without the need for close contact. This is of paramount importance if a contagious fever or virus is the reason for the raised temperature.


Once installed, thermal screening solutions tend to be incredibly simple to run and use, thanks to the automated detection. Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, we offer a full installation service to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Identify Defects

It is not just virus control that can be better managed with thermal screening. If the majority of people in a building are displaying elevated temperatures, it could be a sign that there are issues with heat transference or ventilation.

You may also choose to explore options involving thermal imaging, where the concept is the same as thermal screening, but the technology will pick up elevated temperatures on objects. This could help to detect issues on overheating machinery, detecting faults early and assisting you in making sure your building is as cost and energy efficient as possible.

Range of Solutions

Whilst the benefits of thermal screening are universal across a range of solutions, the type of solution you choose should be appropriate to the setting. Here at Sovereign, we have developed a number of options for you suitable to a huge variety of settings including office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, all with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.


Cameras such as the static bullet camera from Sovereign, can offer a wider-angle image allowing you to detect high temperatures across larger areas. This allows for multi-person detection simultaneously especially advantageous in crowded spaces. It also gives you the option of live viewing allowing you to act quickly or record footage to look back on as when required.

All in One Face Terminal

These combine a thermal camera and temperature indicator with face detection software suitable to a number of settings where an access control door might be used. Alternatively, Sovereign can provide desk mounted or floor standing face terminals for stand-alone solutions.

Metal Detector Doorway with Integrated Thermal Camera

With real-time temperature display, this solution has the added benefit of being linked up to an audible alarm to alert you to high temperatures.

Learn More with Sovereign Fire and Security

The benefits of thermal screening are widespread and in the current climate, with the potential to help control the spread of COVID-19, the technology is fast emerging as a vital tool in facilitating our attempts to return to some form of normality.

Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, we are always looking for the best ways to keep you safe. We are proud to have added our temperature screening thermal solutions to our services and have been working hard to explore other ways in which we can keep workplaces safe as people return to work. In response, we have developed AI-powered video analytics solutions for social distancing, mask detection, thermal cameras, body-worn cameras and contact tracing for increased workplace safety.

For more information about our range of products and solutions to your security needs, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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