When it comes to security, a ‘quick as possible’ approach to checks is likely to backfire, not only when it comes to your safety but also when you factor in the impact of angst and worry on your wellbeing. In 2017, a large scale study by Philips Hue found 81% of holidaymakers across North America and Europe worried about their property when they were on holiday and a more recent study by Safewise (July 2020) reported 60% of participants had the highest concern about someone breaking in.

The good news is, thanks to advances in technology and never underestimating the power of common sense, there are many ways we can help protect our property from security threats, be it when we are at home or away. Of course, it is important to remember that risks don’t just involve break-ins and burglaries. The risk of; fires, burst pipes, or gas leaks, can also be reduced with a few simple security checks.

Here we discuss our top 8, low effort, high value checks that we recommend making part of your routine, for homeowners and business owners alike.

Security Checks Everyone Should Do

What’s online?

An awareness of what’s online can have a big impact on the security risks to your property. It might sound obvious, but not showcasing online when you are away from home is hugely important. What’s less obvious is the ways in which you may be advertising this without even realising. A holiday snap on social media, particularly whilst you’re still away, or a status update about a wedding that you are looking forward to attending or an upcoming meal out. Putting this kind of content online for many people to see is simply not worth the risk. As part of your daily checks it’s worth asking your family to check their own social media too.

For business owners, consider whether your website showcases any security measures you have in place. If you have 24/7 CCTV or intruder systems, access control or security guards in place, put it on your website. Utilise the internet for the good it can bring by making people aware that you won’t be an easy target.

Who has access?

Not only do you want to restrict the number of people having access to your property with locks and keys for a home or key fobs/access control systems for a business, you also want to make sure people can get in should there be an emergency. This might mean giving a trusted neighbour or friend a spare key. If you have left your home unattended but need someone to check you turned off the cooker, taps or an electrical appliance, then those with a key can check before anything becomes a danger or worse, a fire. Similarly, for a business, you need to make sure those who have been assigned to carry out security checks or respond in the case of an emergency have access to the building and that they haven’t lost their key fob or forgotten their code!

Check security systems

It is all well and good having a number of security systems installed but checking they are functioning properly is worth its weight in gold. Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, our diligent after-sales and maintenance service means that we are always on hand, day or night, to help you manage and maintain your systems. Plus, when it comes to insurance, most companies will look for you to prove that your system is in full working order when making claims for theft, fire or personal injury. Our service team will ensure you have the correct maintenance and standards cover and as an added bonus, you’ll be prolonging the life cycle of your systems.

Maintain your surroundings

Overgrown gardens or unlit surroundings can offer hiding opportunities to burglars and as a result decrease the effectiveness of security cameras. Plus, unkept surroundings may give the impression that the property owner does not care, is not around and that vandalism or signs of a break-in might go unnoticed. So, keep trimming those hedges, mowing those lawns, removing any debris and lighting those pathways as part of your security routine.

Test your fire alarm

If you don’t know how to test your smoke/fire alarm is working, then waste no time in finding out. Most household smoke detectors will be fitted with a test button that you simply press and hold. If you don’t hear a loud beeping after a couple of seconds, then you likely need to replace the batteries or even the detector itself. Make sure you do this on a regular basis. For all your fire detection and alarm needs, Sovereign Fire and Security is ready to assist you. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our fire alarm experts today.

Check for leaks

Plumbing under kitchen sinks or in bathrooms or gas pipes behind cookers are all things you should be checking on a regular basis. By being proactive rather than reactive, you are likely to reduce the chance of a huge leak coming out of the blue and becoming a costly emergency.

Valuable Items

As the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and this certainly holds true if you want to reduce your risk of burglary. If your valuables are left on the kitchen table in front of a window for passers-by to see, you are increasing your chance of opportunists attempting to break in and steal them. The same goes in a business property where valuable items or large amounts of cash should be stored securely and out of sight; a room with restricted access or a safe. Make sure you also have a designated person to check these items are securely locked away.

Fire hazards

Simply having an awareness of items that pose a fire risk is a good starting point for your safety checks. Once you know what they are – from obvious items like cookers, fireplaces, to anything electrical and plugged in; TVs, Wi-Fi, laptops and chargers – then why not make a list so that each time you leave your property, especially if it is for a holiday, you don’t forget to check each and every item. By having a list ready that you can tick off as you go, you leave yourself with far less to worry about whilst you are away.

Get Started with Sovereign Fire and Security

Here at Sovereign Fire and Security, our passion for protecting and supporting your business or family is at the heart of everything we do. Our award-winning company has brought peace of mind to our customers for nearly three decades with the latest fire, life safety and security systems.

For more information or inspiration on how we can help you, why not take a look at the case studies on our website, or contact a member of our friendly team today.

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