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Gas Suppression System

Gas systems are generally used in areas requiring additional fire detection and suppression equipment. These systems are generally 'as well as' rather than 'instead' of the buildings main fire detection and alarm system. Often these areas could have a third system such as an aspirating air system as well.

The above systems are generally used in areas such as archive stores, computer server rooms, phone exchanges, fuel stores and chemical stores. The reason for these additional systems is usually to provide early detection of fire and extinction of it before any major damage is caused.

For instance, in computer suites a suppression system would be used as the down time of losing a server to fire is too costly or the data contained on the equipment to valuable to lose or even worse, irreplaceable. The gas system is triggered by its own detection system in the room using a 'double knock' principle. The gas is discharged and the fire is extinguished almost immediately. The gas leaves no residue does not effect electrical equipment. Generally most rooms can be occupied and used as normal within an hour of discharge.

There are various gas types depending on application and your environmental stance.

FM200 being the most common and cost effective option and modern eco friendly gases now available such as 3M NOVEC.