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Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Analogue addressable systems provide the user with an infinitely flexible fire detection and alarm system. Benefits of using such a system are:

  • All devices are loop powered-no need for separate sounder circuits and power
  • Address of device in fire/fault shown on front of panel - ie device type location and number. This allows quick identification of a potential fire incident.
  • Combined sounder and detection devices-providing installation saving
  • Visual indication-DDA conformity
  • Net workable-allows global overview of large sites providing users with site wide system.
  • System can be programmed to have delays, separate evacuation and alert tones sounded, time blocks to automatically make multi-sensors heat only during day and smoke at night. Providing a system tailored to individual requirements and management of false alarms.
  • Can be linked to a pager system
  • Clear event logging
  • On board printer
  • Can be linked to a central PC based supervisory system.


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